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In the mid-1960s, Guido Zanella was working as a bathing attendant at the NSU LIDO campsite in Cavallino Treporti (now known as Union Lido). He met numerous German caravan owners and he realized that there was great demand for a place where they could leave their caravans from one year to the next without having to take them back to Germany.


Consequently, Caravan Depot di Guido Zanella was founded. It was based on a leased site spanning approximately 7,000 m² that looked out onto Via Fausta, the main road in the Cavallino Treporti area.


It was an innovative idea that was quite unprecedented on that part of the coast. Its first summer in operation was 1976 and 17 caravans from a number of different campsites were parked in the depot. 




In the early years, parking was the only service provided and the customers brought their caravans with their own cars. 

Guido later began to take the caravans to and from the campsites.



The business was highly original. It was the first and only initiative of its kind in Cavallino Treporti, which was still part of the Municipality of Venice at the time.



On addition to providing storage facilities, the company began selling tents, assembling/disassembling verandas outside caravans in campsites and doing general maintenance work such as washing and/or cleaning and small repairs. All of these services catered to the increasingly complex needs of the customers.


The groundbreaking business launched by Guido Zanella has been run by his children Valeria and Nicola under the name CARAVAN DEPOT Fratelli Zanella s.n.c. since 2012



They received prestigious recognition of the great dedication and care shown by their company at the 41st Work, Economic Progress and Innovation Awards